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""" A OneGov Page is an Adjacency List used to represent pages with any kind
of content in a hierarchy.

See also: `<>`_

from sqlalchemy import func
from sqlalchemy.ext.hybrid import hybrid_property

from onegov.core.orm.abstract import AdjacencyList
from onegov.core.orm.mixins import ContentMixin
from onegov.core.orm.mixins import TimestampMixin
from onegov.core.orm.mixins import UTCPublicationMixin

[docs]class Page(AdjacencyList, ContentMixin, TimestampMixin, UTCPublicationMixin): """ Defines a generic page. """ __tablename__ = 'pages' @hybrid_property def published_or_created(self): return self.publication_start or self.created @published_or_created.expression def published_or_created(self): return func.coalesce(Page.publication_start, Page.created) @property def es_public(self): return self.access == 'public' and self.published