Base class for Zurb Foundation based themes. Use this class to

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class agency.theme.agency_theme.AgencyTheme(compress: bool = True)[source]


Base class for Zurb Foundation based themes. Use this class to create a theme that customizes Zurb Foundation somehow.

If you don’t want to customize it at all, use Theme.

To customize start like this:

from import BaseTheme

class MyTheme(BaseTheme):
    name = 'my-theme'
    version = '1.0'

You can then add paths with your own scss files, as well as imports that should be added before the foundation theme, and imports that should be added after the foundation theme.

Finally, options passed to the compile() function take this form:

options = {
    'rowWidth': '1000px',
    'columnGutter': '30px'

Those options result in variables added at the very top of the sass source before it is compiled:

@import 'foundation/functions';

$rowWidth: 1000px;
$columnGutter: 30px;

If your variables rely on a certain order you need to pass an ordered dict.

name = ''[source]
property post_imports: list[str][source]

Imports added after the foundation import. The imports must be found in one of the paths (see extra_search_paths).

The form of a single import is ‘example’ (which would search for files named ‘example.scss’)

property extra_search_paths: list[str][source]

A list of absolute search paths added before the actual foundation search path.