A common base layout for election and votes which caches some values

Module Contents

class election_day.layouts.election_compound_part.ElectionCompoundPartLayout(model: onegov.election_day.models.ElectionCompoundPart, request: onegov.election_day.request.ElectionDayRequest, tab: str | None = None)[source]

Bases: onegov.election_day.layouts.detail.DetailLayout

A common base layout for election and votes which caches some values used in the macros.

model: onegov.election_day.models.ElectionCompoundPart[source]
tabs_with_embedded_tables = ('districts', 'candidates', 'party-strengths', 'statistics')[source]
majorz = False[source]
proporz = True[source]
type = 'compound_part'[source]
all_tabs() tuple[str, Ellipsis][source]

Return the tabs in order of their appearance.

results() list[onegov.election_day.models.election_compound.mixins.ResultRow][source]
totals() onegov.election_day.models.election_compound.mixins.TotalRow[source]
label(value: str) str[source]
title(tab: str | None = None) str[source]
tab_visible(tab: str | None) bool[source]
has_party_results() bool[source]
visible() bool[source]
main_view() str[source]
menu() election_day.layouts.election.NestedMenu[source]
svg_path() str | None[source]

Returns the path to the SVG or None, if it is not available.

Returns a link to the SVG download view.

svg_name() str[source]

Returns a nice to read SVG filename.

property summarize: bool[source]