A generic recipient class with polymorphic support.


Abstract base class for generic types.

Module Contents

class org.models.recipient.ResourceRecipient[source]

Bases: onegov.recipient.GenericRecipient

A generic recipient class with polymorphic support.

daily_reservations: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[bool | None][source]
new_reservations: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[bool | None][source]
internal_notes: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[bool | None][source]
send_on: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[list[str] | None][source]
rejected_reservations: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[bool | None][source]
resources: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[list[str] | None][source]
class org.models.recipient.ResourceRecipientCollection(session: sqlalchemy.orm.Session)[source]

Bases: onegov.recipient.GenericRecipientCollection[ResourceRecipient]

Abstract base class for generic types.

A generic type is typically declared by inheriting from this class parameterized with one or more type variables. For example, a generic mapping type might be defined as:

class Mapping(Generic[KT, VT]):
    def __getitem__(self, key: KT) -> VT:
    # Etc.

This class can then be used as follows:

def lookup_name(mapping: Mapping[KT, VT], key: KT, default: VT) -> VT:
        return mapping[key]
    except KeyError:
        return default