dict() -> new empty dictionary


Defines a generic user.

Module Contents

class user.models.user.SessionDict[source]

Bases: typing_extensions.TypedDict

dict() -> new empty dictionary dict(mapping) -> new dictionary initialized from a mapping object’s

(key, value) pairs

dict(iterable) -> new dictionary initialized as if via:

d = {} for k, v in iterable:

d[k] = v

dict(**kwargs) -> new dictionary initialized with the name=value pairs

in the keyword argument list. For example: dict(one=1, two=2)

address: str | None[source]
timestamp: str[source]
agent: str | None[source]
class user.models.user.User[source]

Bases: onegov.core.orm.Base, onegov.core.orm.mixins.TimestampMixin,

Defines a generic user.

__tablename__ = 'users'[source]
type: Column[str][source]
es_public = False[source]
property es_suggestion: tuple[str, str][source]

Returns suggest-as-you-type value of the document. The field used for this property should also be indexed, or the suggestion will lead to nowhere.

If a single string is returned, the completion input equals the completion output. (My Title -> My Title)

If an array of strings is returned, all values are possible inputs and the first value is the output. (My Title/Title My -> My Title)

property userprofile: list[str][source]
id: Column[UUIDType][source]
username: Column[str][source]
password_hash: Column[str][source]
role: Column[str][source]
group_id: Column[UUIDType | None][source]
group: relationship[UserGroup | None][source]
realname: Column[str | None][source]
data: Column[dict[str, Any]][source]
second_factor: Column[dict[str, Any] | None][source]
source: Column[str | None][source]
source_id: Column[str | None][source]
active: Column[bool][source]
signup_token: Column[str | None][source]
is_matching_password(password: str) bool[source]

Returns True if the given password (cleartext) matches the stored password hash.

classmethod get_initials(username: str, realname: str | None = None) str[source]

Takes the name and returns initials which are at most two characters wide.


admin => A => ND Victor Sullivan => VS Charles Montgomery Burns => CB

property initials: str[source]
property has_yubikey: bool[source]
property yubikey: str | None[source]
property yubikey_serial: int | None[source]

Returns the yubikey serial of the yubikey associated with this user (if any).

sessions: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[dict[str, SessionDict] | None][source]
tags: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[list[str] | None][source]
phone_number: onegov.core.orm.mixins.dict_property[str | None][source]
cleanup_sessions(app: onegov.core.framework.Framework) None[source]

Removes stored sessions not valid anymore.

save_current_session(request: onegov.core.request.CoreRequest) None[source]

Stores the current browser session.

remove_current_session(request: onegov.core.request.CoreRequest) None[source]

Removes the current browser session.

logout_all_sessions(app: onegov.core.framework.Framework) int[source]

Terminates all open browser sessions.